Other Papers

Papers that are only made occasionally. Please contact the Mill about availability.

Lynx              Laid,  reddish brown    sheet size  500x640mm  in 55,80 & 115 gm weights

Erin              Laid    off white,           sheet size  500x640mm  in 120 & 150 gm weights.

Mandrill       Laid,    Grey,                sheet size  500x640mm  in 80 & 115 gm weights.

Kehribar      Laid     Cream              sheet size   500x640mm  in 55, 80 & 115gm weights (cream version of Old Cleeve.)

Samarqand Laid    Cream               sheet size  500x640mm  in 55,80 & 115gm weights.

Oryx             Laid    Warm brown     sheet size  500x640mm  in 120 & 150 gm weights.

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Printing Paper

Many of the papers in the bookbinding range are suitable for printing but please read the caveat here.  Please order a standard sample swatch & let us know what method of printing you are thinking of using so we can advise you which papers will be most suitable.  

                                                                                                Watercolour Paper

Academy 1   Similar in behaviour to the gelatine sized writing paper made by Whatmans that JMW Turner used for watercolour studio paintings.

Off white, laid 120/125gms. Halfway between a NOT & CP surface.

     Academy 2.  A more common type of early 19thC paper & a softer paper than Academy 1 .

Off white with shrive, laid 120/130gms.NOT surface

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