Griffen Mill archival, handmade papers are made in the traditional way from natural fibers such as

cotton & hemp.Unless specified all papers are internally buffered and internally sized.

                                                                 Bookbinding & Conservation Paper

A range of papers in different weights specifically designed to meet the challenges of paper

conservation, bookbinding & restoration. Papers are available as wove & laid sheets.

                                                             The Recreation of Antique Books, Labels, Maps & Journals 

The Griffen Mill range of antique toned papers are ideal for recreating old books, maps,

scrolls & documents.The colours work well when filmed under studio conditions.


                                                                         Ledger Paper for Scrivening & Calligraphy

 Griffen Mill archival ledger paper matches the properties of the famous ledger paper

made by Whatmans in the first part of 1900's. Just like the Whatman's papers, it is

tub sized with gelatine & has a smooth CP surface ,capable of ink erasure.

Handmade Letterpress Printing Paper 

This is usually made to order. Please contact the mill. If only a small number of sheets are

required some of the papers in the standard bookbinding range which may be suitable.

Artists Paper -  Watercolour  & Drawing Papers.

   Academy 1 & Academy 2 are specialist watercolour papers designed to reproduce the character

& properties of the papers used by JMW Turner for his studio watercolours and the softer papers

used by John Sell Cotman.



 Griffen Mill Drawing Paper is an" antique" white,115gm laid paper  with a Not surface .                    

                                                        Historic Wallpaper & Architectural Papier Mache Pulp. 

During the last twenty years Griffen Mill  handmade wallpaper & lining papers have been

 used for projects such as Uppark House,The Royal Palace at Kew and Strawberry Hill.


Other Papers 

 Some are discontinued & some are left over from special makings.

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