Printing on Handmade Paper 

One of the biggest customers for handmade paper in the 18th & early 19th C. was the printing industry producing books & newspapers. However as the output from paper machines grew from 1810 onwards,  the cost of paper fell & the use of handmade paper was restricted to the fine print & limited edition market. This holds true today. 
We recommend the letterpress  printing as this technique can accommodate the variations in surface texture that are present in any handmade paper. 

Jan Kellet ..Private Press.  Special Making

You can, with care, print on handmade paper using a photocopier. The paper needs to be fully acclimatised beforehand & should be hand fed into the copier one sheet at a time. 
The same method can be used to print out an image using a computer printer. However be warned that the presence of almost invisible felt hairs can clog the nozzles on a inkjet printer over time.
Most of the papers in the Griffen Mill bookbinding range are suitable for printing subject & have been used successfully for limited editions. 
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