Handmade Paper Moulds For Sale from the Griffen Mill Collection.

These paper moulds were made by specialist companies supplying  handmade paper moulds to the English paper mills in the early 20th C. It is difficult to date the moulds but we think they were probably made & used between 1900 & 1950. Nowadays one would expect to pay between £640 to  £1000.00 for a traditional professional sized mould excluding the watermarks and tear wires.

The mould & deckle construction is traditional. English style moulds were considered superior because of the fine quality of craftsmanship exhibited in the joinery. The mould frames & deckles were made using West Indian Mahogany which makes them far less heavy to use than the New World mahogany used today.Professionally moulds were made to make 100’s of sheets a day...every day...week in week out. Most of the moulds listed below however were used for special makings & therefore had lighter use.

All moulds show some signs of wear & most will need minor repairs if put into use again. The main areas of damage are mentioned. Typical repairs are described at the end of the list & most need no specialist skills.Image  sizes do not reflect the actual size of the mould.

Please note we have no moulds in metric sizes such as A4.


Please email the Mill for a quotation which will include the shipping costs. We shall need to have a shipping address & the name of the mould! 

Payment can be made via interbank transfer or by credit card via Paypal.


Rye Mill Laid  Mould & Deckle             SOLD

Distance between Chain lines: 1 inch:  Size of Sheet: 31.5 ins x 12 ins. Mould Face is subdivided by tear wires to give 8 sheets

 8ins x 6 ins each with the Rye Mill watermark. Watermark: Wire Mark- Rye Mill Handmade x 8.

Maker :W Green Son & Waite . Mould No:221 (probably a Mill number) .Nature of Repairs needed. None     PRICE:£400.00 + p&p

Uniquely watermarked Mould & Deckle    SOLD
Made to illustrate the different techniques for forming a  watermark. It is believed to date from the mid 20th Century & may have come from a mill in the west of England.. There is no makers identification.This "one of a kind" mould . It is a working paper mould so young paper makers can be taught how necessary it is to use the correct pulp & the correct technique to produce a clear watermark.
Mould size 14.5ins x 9.25 ins  (36.25 cms x23.25 cms)
Wove Cover with two underlying covers.
Deckle is rudimentary but works.
PRICE £250 or near offer.

 Laid Mould - not watermarked.  Maker's Name shown as just  London"
Measuring  21 x 26 ins ( 53.4 x 66 cms). Cross braced on reverse.  Requires a new sacrificial rub strip.Ideally the copper sheathing on the deckle  need renewing but otherwise in good condition.
PRICE £220

The Invitation Mould.  SOLD

This is a laid mould in excellent condition with very little use. The cover has fixed tear wears to produce 16 sheets,each measuring 4 x 5 ins every time the mould is dipped. We have used this mould for one making & it handles beautifully.The maker is J.Marshall, Deptford. (London). There are no watermarks. The overall paper mould measures 24 x 19 ins ( 61 x 48.3 cms.
Price £340.

The Hawk Wove Mould & Deckle .

This is probably one of the best moulds for sale & would give many years of service. Size of Sheet: 30.25ins x 22.5 ins.  Watermark. Simple wire marks in the shape of hawks in two opposing corners. Makers Stamp: None visible. 

Nature of repairs needed. One sacrificial  rub strip  traditionally made of boxwood.

PRICE £400

WSH & Co. Bespoke Mould.

Watermarked Laid Mould in reasonable condition. It has been used on a production basis. Wire Watermarks. WSH & Co. British Handmade Made accompanied by device of a shield with fleur de lys surmounted by crown. No makers name.Size measures 22.5 ins x 34 ins  (57cms x 86 cms.)

The mould shows a little flexibility which would improved by a couple of weeks of immersion in water & possibly the fitting of a bracing strut on the reverse.    Price £ 350.   Awaiting Image