The Traditional European Handmade Paper Mould

The paper mould is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a handmade paper mill and its construction literally defines the type and size of paper a handmade paper mill produces.  An object of beauty, gleaming copper & brass embrace a framework made from smooth, red mahogany, white box & yellow piranha pine.


Wove or Laid, size of sheet, thickness of sheet, depth of deckle, number of laid lines to the inch, chain line spacing,single face or double faced - all these questions have to be addressed. 

Then comes the question of the watermark. What type? How big? Where is it to be positioned on the mould face & is the design suitable? Too closed a design can lead to a blurring of the image .

The construction of the paper mould defines the appearance of the sheet of paper. Modern "student"  moulds are intended for very light use whereas a properly constructed mould can take heavy use for a good number of years.

Ron MacDonald,the last handmade mouldmaker in the UK who has now retired, has been filmed making a traditional paper mould & deckle as well as making a wire watermark.

This is a "must have" video for anyone who uses handmade paper.


The DVD is available by mail order from I.A. Recordings in PAL & NTSC versions priced £13.45. This includes p & p. worldwide. The link below will take you to the description & ordering page.



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